The need to look after the homeless, or people without a place to call home is front and centre on everyone’s minds these day. But, when we say the word homeless, what comes to mind?

Well, for most, it is those with addictions to drugs or alcohol, the mentally ill [definition please], and a combination of addictions and mental illness.

But, what we fail to see is those that don’t fit in this category. The mom with child, the family, or the widower all because their income won’t support the ongoing rental crises.

Crises seems to be another word that get bantered about these days as well. Is the whole world in crises?

At the recent encampment at Nanaimo City Hall a group of protesters demanded from the city a resolution to the current homeless situation with a list of demands that they have now claimed to be of their doing. But, this is not true. Many others have been working behind the scenes looking to push for a solution to the never ending problem.

Nanaimo is a gateway city leading to other communities on Vancouver Island. For the most part people travel here from Victoria, or by ferry from other parts of Canada.

As I write this today, harm reduction staff responded to an overdose where the person was already in respiratory arrest. Last week they responded again. Both of these overdoses were not in our building or on our property, but nearby. Also nearby was a Health Authority Supervised Safe Injection Site that needs proper zoning for its continued use. But, many are not using it as it is. More money spent.

We have much to say. Stay tuned.